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Maxee Innovations specialise in the supply and installation of energy saving lighting upgrade solutions. We cater for a range of commercial and industrial lighting requirements, saving many of our customers as much as 80% on their power bills. Our simple Maxee Model offers a hassle free, financially viable upgrade process, enabling our customers to get on with business with as little disruption as possible.





The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) is a Victoria based energy efficiency scheme designed to reduce electricity consumption in Victoria. Maxee Innovations (VIC) works with Accredited Persons (AP) under the Victorian Government VEET Scheme.

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The Maxee Model

  • Free Assessment

    One of our Maxee consultants will assess your site and provide you with a detailed assessment, including product information and advice on your lighting upgrade.

  • Quotation

    We will provide a quotation summarising costs and energy saving along with the scope of works that will be carried out as part of the lighting and installation solution.

  • Approval

    Once we have received approval to proceed from the relevant party/s our team of licensed electricians will complete all works agreed upon in the assessment and quotation process.

  • Job Finalisation

    The auditing and certification process is completed and job documentation is finalised. You can now start enjoying the savings.


Environmental Benefits

The Maxee lighting upgrade service not only benefits our clients financially, but the environment also benefits from reduced energy consumption. Our goal is to have 5 million tonnes of carbon abated through our energy efficient lighting upgrades by the year 2020. We also ensure that existing lighting is recycled and disposed of responsibly. See some helpful energy saving tips below.

  • Use natural light.

  • Flick the switch.

  • Optimise available light.

  • Dust lights.

  • Only use necessary light.