Retail Outlets

Pretty Girl – Fashion Group

LED Lighting upgrade



Per Year
  • 5,240 kWh / year
  • $613 Per Month
  • 1 of many Pretty Girl stores upgraded

“…our stores have benefited by having a brighter, more appealing ambience, a cooler climate due to the lower heat created by the new lights and very healthy energy savings.”


Hills Indoor Sports Centre

LED Lighting upgrade



Per Year
  • 127215.69 kWh / year
  • $2120 Per Month
  • 3.8 Month Investment Return

“Maxee Innovations upgraded our sports centre with LED energy efficient lighting. The new lights have increased the brightness and consistency in our centre. The other benefit is that we are saving money on our power costs…”

Strata Buildings and Carparks

Alto on the Boulevard

Strata Energy efficient lighting upgrade



Per Year
  • 67520.63 kWh / year
  • $1125.34 Per Month
  • 67.52t Tonnes of C02 abated p.a.

Maxee has recently upgraded the Alto on the Boulevard carpark on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. Thanks to the building managers’ excellent decision to take up the great deals offered as a result of the government incentives currently available, Alto on the Boulevard was able to save over $13,000 a year on power costs.

Manufacturing and Warehouses

Southern Cross Vans

Energy Efficient high bay lighting upgrade



Per Year
  • 170513.20 kWh / year
  • $2,841.88 Per Month
  • 170.51t Tones of C02 abated p/a

At Southern Cross Vans in Dandenong South, we replaced 104 400w metal halide high bay lights with our OptiTech™ 110w LED 90º high bay. The upgrade has resulted in projected annual energy savings of over $30,000. Southern Cross Vans has been very pleased with the work that we’ve done and are looking forward to benifiting from the power savings of the upgrade.

Bunnings Warehouse

Energy Efficient LED lighting warehouse upgrade



Per Year
  • 121223.02 kWh / year
  • $2020 Per Month
  • 3.4 Month Investment Return

Bunnings Warehouse at Kelso underwent a successful lighting upgrade comprising of 71 warehouse high bay lights. After upgrading to high energy efficiency LED tube high bays, Bunnings Warehouse at Kelso has managed to save over 121,000 kWh annually.
We have completed lighting upgrades to car park areas at:
  • – Bunnings Castle Hill
  • – Bunnings Greenacre
  • – Bunnings Rouse Hill
  • – Bunnings Seven Hills

Shopping Centres

Burwood Plaza

Energy Efficient LED lighting retail stor upgrade



Per Year
  • 121223.02 kWh / year
  • $2020 Per Month
  • 3.4 Month Investment Return

Maxee carried out the lighting upgrade of Burwood Plaza consisting of 1,745 downlights, shop lights, tubes and oyster lights. Burwood Plaza was able to make savings of over $71,000 a year as a result of the lighting upgrade.

Food Outlets and Restaurants


Energy Efficient LED lighting resaurant upgrade



Per Year
  • 108520.52 kWh / year
  • $1808 Per Month
  • 11.2 Month Investment Return

McDonalds at Padstow saw the replacement of 278 lights, a combination of round flush mounts and fluorescent tubes, with high energy efficiency LED bulbs. This upgrade has saved over 108520 kWh annually.