VIC VEET Public Forum summary 8 April 2016

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At the VEET Public Forum on 8 April, hosted by the Essential Services Commission (ESC), the Government provided an update on policy and regulatory changes.

Most notably, ceiling insulation will recommence. The Government stated that (p8):

• In 2015 a KPMG report found that ceiling insulation could be managed safely under VEET.
• VEECs for ceiling insulation will recommence once the ESC has finalised guidelines.
• The Department has completed an amendment to the VEET Regulations:
• Conductive insulation products are excluded
• The installation standard required has been updated.

The Government advised that it is still working on introducing a range of Project Based Activities (p10). Consultation will take place later in 2016. The vast majority of certificates continue to come from lighting upgrades. Outdoor light replacements under Schedule 21B require a minimum light output of 950 lumens. VEET Public Forum presentation slides

EECCA advocacy positions

EECCA is concerned about the speed and approach regarding ‘product registration’ and intends to make a formal proposal to the ESC as soon as possible with a request for a follow-up meeting. Fundamentally we support the move to an outsourced model.

EECCA will also continue to advocate for an increase in the definition of ‘small jobs’ in Schedule 34 from 100 to 250 certificates. The reduced compliance requirements would encourage small-to-medium enterprise participation.

EECCA is also advocating to remove the requirement to ‘decommission the ballast’ for Commercial Lighting. This currently results in electricians crushing the end of the terminal block which can cause shattering and is unsafe and messy. We believe that the economic barrier to reinstating the wiring to the ballast is adequate to ensure permanency.

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